Student Adversity Fund

There are many ways you can make a difference in a student’s life. When you give to the Student Adversity Fund, you help students who are facing unexpected situations such as COVID-19, wildfires or other emergencies, that could derail their education.

Financially, many of our students who are already living on a shoestring are even closer to the edge when faced with an unexpected challenge.

Gifts to the Student Adversity Fund are immediately going to address these pressures, providing students with funds to increase data plans, to access wi-fi, and more that will help them succeed in online learning. Other students are being aided with funds to cover basic living expenses as they, or their families, have unexpectedly lost their jobs.

With your help, the HSU Foundation is ready to respond to the call for help from our students.

Please lift up our students so they may continue their education despite any obstacle that may be in their path.

The Student Adversity Fund provides help with small grants of $100 to $1,000. Your gift can be a lifeline that helps a student overcome the challenges they face during times of uncertainty, ensuring that they will be able to continue their education and succeed.

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